Psychic Tarot Consultations
Jennifer Falkes

Meet Jennifer

I’m here to help you find your way on  your path.

We all have things we need help with and a bit of insight from the Universe can often clear things right up. That’s what I want to offer to you.  My goal is to get you the information you need to decide where you want to be and how to get there.   Think of a reading with me like a flashlight that I put in your hands to help you see the clear way forward.

When you get a reading from me, you will get clear, focused guidance.

My goal is to help you uncover the bits of information that you need to move your life forward.  When I read for you,  I actively connect to your personal energy and ask your Guides and Ascended Masters to be present when I interpret the messages held in the cards.  Your reading is personalized to you and your question and not a regurgitation of stock card meanings. It’s your message from the Universe.

Readings with me are meant to be of a true service to you…

No matter which offering you select, each reading is designed to address things like your hidden fears, the influences of others, the issue blocking you, and the path that you are currently on.  Your reading will also include the steps you can take to move your life in the direction you want and to help resolve the issues you are facing.

I am always kind.. and I am always honest.

My goal with any reading is to help you live your life more fully.  Be prepared to face your truth, should you choose to request a reading with me.  A reading with me may not be comfortable, but it will be helpful.

Are you ready?

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