Welcome to the New Website

Jennifer FalkesThanks so much for being here!  Looks like you migrated over from my old domain (JeniReadsTarot.com)

You will notice that things look a little different  around here but it’s still me.

After some thinking, I decided it was time to rebrand a bit…. and share a last name with you all.

Falkes is not my legal last time.  Tarot is (currrently) a side gig for me and my main gig is in a profession that requires people to trust me and let’s face it, we existential types are still often mistrusted by lots of folks… so I chose a pseudonym.   

I’ll save you the long detailed and winding route that I took to get to Falkes but it was after taking some time connecting with my ancestors who have passed that I settled on it.    

So, thanks for stopping by.  If you were looking for the link to order a reading with me, click these words.

If you landed here by some random intervention by the Universe and want to know more about me, well, I’ve got a linky words for that, too.