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What is your Question for the Tarot?
No health or legal questions please.


Tarot readings with me are meant to be of a true service to you…

This is why I offer you the option to choose the number of cards you’d like me to draw for you, each card being $5.00.  You can choose up to 5 cards at only $5.00 each.  I also offer a “Reader’s Choice” option, where for $25.00 you will have at least 5 cards in your reading, possibly more if your question is complex.

No matter how many cards you choose, each card has a specific place in your reading addressing things like your hidden fears, the influences of others, the issue blocking you, and the path that you are currently on.  Your reading will also include the steps you can take to move your life in the direction you want to help resolve the issues you are facing.

How many cards should you choose?

One Card Reading ($5.00) : If your question is simple and straightforward and you are just looking for an idea of the energy surrounding you or a situation, one card is probably enough. We can sometimes also answer yes/no questions with one card.  One card readings are limited in scope, but might be all you need.

Two Card Reading ($10.00) : If you are try to choose between two options, or perhaps comparing two things, or even a more complex yes/no question, then two cards are a good choice. Two cards can also be used to find out what is blocking you or standing in your way.

Three Card Reading ($15.00) : A three card reading can provide a lot of insight towards your current situation, what caused it to get where you are and how to move forward.  This is the reading I recommend to most people for daily life dilemmas and issues of moderate concern.

Four Card Reading ($20.00) : Four cards can add more clarity to a three card spread and can also be useful for questions regarding the energy for the next month.

Reader’s Choice : Five + card reading ($25.00): Five cards or more open up a world of possibilities with underlying issues, overarching problems and a path forward.  I call this “Readers Choice” because I will draw at least five cards for you, and if your question is very complex, I will draw up to ten cards at no additional cost.

I am always kind.. and I am always honest.

My goal with any reading is to help you live your life more fully.  Be prepared to face your truth, should you choose to request a reading with me.  A reading with me may not be comfortable, but it will be helpful.

Watch your email for your confirmation of your request. If you don’t have an email within 3 hours, and you’ve checked your spam folder please, contact me and we’ll get it sorted out.

All my readings are delivered to your inbox in .pdf format and include your personalized interpretation and a picture of your cards.

You must be 18 years old to request a reading. I reserve the right to respectfully decline any request should I feel it necessary. Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before you check out. For entertainment purposes only.  Thank you!