Golden Lotus Electric Incense Warmer

When I owned my own house, I could disconnect the smoke detectors, fire up a self-lighting charcoal briquette, throw some frankincense on that bitch and fiil the room with aromatic smoke.

Then, I moved into an apartment complex and my smoke filled world turned on a dime.   These smoke detectors are hard wired and loud as fuck.  Also, I share walls now, so my neighbors did not appreciate the noise.


I could still get away with joss sticks, incense sticks, and a sage wand without anything screaming blue murder (and possibly alerting the fire department.. I’m unclear on this) but I missed the resins…the Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, Dragon’s Blood (which always makes me feel SUPER witchy)…

I was sort of working on a makeshift warmer using a tea light, olive oil and a bit of tin foil (I forgot where I got this idea) and it was….. fine.

This sort of worked

I never really got to SMELL anything though.. If I got real close to my altar space, sure.. but otherwise.. eh.

I figured I couldn’t be the ONLY person with this problem.  So I petitioned the Triple G (that would be the Great God Google, to the uninitiated) and found Jess Carlson of Sacred Wild Witchery (and I immediately joined her mailing list and Facebook group.  She’s seems super amazing and the purple hair sealed the deal…  am I digressing?  Yes.. I am)

ANYWAY Jess had the same freaking problem… what is with the MAN trying to keep us all SAFE from our open flames and incendiary devices!?  … wait.. I’m off track again.

Right.. so Jess sought out a solution and found the Golden Lotus Incense Warmer from Mermade Magickal Arts. Her review was so glowing that I had to have one.

You guys, this thing is amazing.  It’s electric so it’s a controlled heat.. a metal dish on top that gets warm and although it has several settings, the instructions recommend that you turn it all the way up. … so of course, I cranked it.

I have buckets of resin incense but I thought I’d give one of Mermade’s blends a whirl and I got myself the Sehkmet blend which is frankincense, myrrh, orange, rose with “spices of the sun” which are.. unknown to me but they are fucking amazing together, I can tell you that.

Sekhmet, Heart of the Sun – Resin and Rose Blend – 2018

I ordered the foil cups (more pics below) so I could keep the metal tray from getting junked up, unaware that I would get two of them in my package.  It also came with an adorable spoon and tweezers (which came in handy when I wanted to lift that hot tin cup out of the thing because the incense was used up and turning black) I’m glad I got extra because although it seems like I’ll be able to use them more than once, at some point they are going to get gooey beyond belief.

I would say with just a bit of incense in there, I had a good solid lovely scent for at least two hours.  Much more than you get from a flash in a pan and a room full of smoke.

Another nice surprise is that there were a FREE SAMPLES, WITCHES!  A small stick of Palo Santo (which I thought I hated but turns out I was just huffing the cheap shit because this is delicious), and these little beauties..

Kyphi, Golden Temple Gilded Incense and Oman Frankincense

I had been eyeballing the Kyphi but didn’t buy any because it was expensive and I had no idea what it smelled like but GOOD JOB Mermade… sending me a few nuggets of this AMAZINGNESS because you have a customer now for life because holy shit this is astonishingly good and I haven’t even warmed it up yet.  I’m going to keep one of these on my desk at work and just huff it when people piss me off.  This is like a true CHILL PILL and I only have to sniff it.

Right now, I have some dried herbs in the warmer and it’s sort of working… I think I’ll stick to herbs on charcoal (which don’t smoke nearly as much as resins and appear to not yet offend the Smoke Detectors).

Mermade was super great and had this to me in record time. They are based in Las Vegas and I’m in New York but shipping was quick and not overly expensive.  They also offer International Shipping

For my Canadian Friends to the North: I found out after I ordered this that Andrew over at The Hermits Lamp also offers an electric incense warmer with a bit of a different design so if you are in Canada, you can get one without having to deal with customs etc from the USA. Of course, if you like that one better, Andrew does ship anywhere.   I’m a huge fan of Andrew and his podcast which you should also check out.


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