Let’s not call it a reboot…

Let’s not call it a reboot…

When I say I cleaned house, I say so metaphorically. As you can see, my tarot shelves are still cluttered

I’m back… after… a long time. I would love to blame Covid-19 and the Pandemic but…I can’t.

I did this to myself. To be honest, I tried to be too many things at once.. I tried to lend legitimacy to myself and this website by endlessly polishing it and revamping it and basically fucking around until I gave up.

Imposter Syndrome is real .. and it sucks.

So I started over. I broke down this website to its bare bones. I deleted all the whizbangy plugins and features. I got rid of all the “specialty” readings that never went anywhere. I cleaned house. That was a process in and of itself since the temptation to blast everything into cyberspace and start from scratch, to “get it right” was super high.

That was its own kind of perfection seeking.

So .. deep breath. Bare bones. Retained the structure and approached revamping with an open mind.. a mind willing to accept less than perfect.

To know that “good enough” is enough.

I found a simple form generator online that I tweaked until I liked it and then embedded it into my Readings page. I also took a new photo of myself… I resisted the urge to take more than 5 or 6. I did not change my outfit.

So, I’m not calling this a reboot. I’m calling this a path forward… an opening and relaxing of my need for perfection. Seeking perfection is immobilizing and counter-productive.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t do my absolute best for you. On the contrary, allowing space for error, ironically means I’m allowing information and intuition to flow freely.

It means better readings.. and I’m excited to start reading professionally again and to allow myself to write more here.. and share more on my YouTube channel.

I’m actively choosing to banish the desire to be perfect.

It’s so liberating.

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