Ok.. but I don’t technically NEED another deck

Or… do I?

I literally gasped when I read this article about Nicolas Bruno’s Photo installation at the Haven Gallery in New York City (well… technically.. Long Island)

There are a TON of photos in that article and you should absolutely go read it… go… no really.. go.. I’ll wait..

He really has done an amazing job of blending the Waite Smith deck in with a refreshing, yet slightly terrifying vibe.

His Instagram feed is also loaded with astonishing glorious imagery.

I signed up for the preorder link… If you want to sign up, too, here is the link: The Somnia Tarot by Nicolas Bruno


  1. I know when I saw this deck I could not resist and sign up the pre-order, even though I too don’t need another deck in my collection … The photographs are incredible and speak volumes . I can not wait to get this into my collection..

    1. Jennifer Falkes

      Right!? I mean… they took my breath away… I’m excited about them even though I suspect it will be another “on the shelf” deck that I use for personal use only.

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